Due to the ongoing insurgency, civil war and endless fighting in Southern Sudan, lots of refugees from Sudan are holed up in Northern Uganda and are currently in several camps near Uganda and Sudan boarder. These refuges need lot of support since they are lacking so many basic needs. Uganda is currently hosting over 600,000 refugees from Sudan and now in several camps in Northern Uganda. The World Food Program has already announced that they cannot afford to feed the refugees and have shortfall over 57 Million dollars and will have to reduce food given to refugees. This is a huge challenge, HALEA has embarked on an activity to support at least 500 refugees.
HALEA initated a Refugee Support Project and collected items to be given to suffering refugees in camps in Northern Uganda.

As a Humanists organization with a mission to put people first and to give hope to the vulnerable and needy, The Humanists Association for Leadership, Equity and Accountability (HALEA) launched a Supporting Refugees With A Smile - Festive Season 2016 aimed at collecting Clothes, Shoes, Food stuff, Vaseline, Exercise books and Scholastic materials etc and deliver them to the needy refugees from Sudan.

We received clearance from Prime Ministerís Office and specifically from the Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Hon Musa Ecweru who welcomed our idea to team up with all those interested in the cause, to collect items and once we are done, h also allocated to us a camp to visit on a day in December, our target was to serve a refugee camp of over 500 people. Thus our task was be to collect items that can at least put a smile on faces of 500 people in a single camp. The minister assured us that the amount of items collected will determine the camp we visit and support. HALEA partnered with all other stakeholders in order to achieve this major objective.

We successfully got donations from traders and well wishers and served our target. Check out our activity photos here.

A well wisher brings clothes at HALEA office

Clothes collected on Day Two

Britainia donates buscuits worth 5 millions

Clothes Collected on Day 1

Bag full of ladies Clothes

Violine and Team In Owino Market

Food items being donated

Some of the Items Donated

New Shirts donated

Our almost Full of Cloths store

Team HALEA and Scholastic materials

Team HALEA in Owino Market

Lots of cloths that were collected

Mr Kato Mukasa sorting cloths to be given to Refugees

More items that were received by Mr Kato Mukasa

Items that were collected for Refugees


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